Why outsource your Payroll?

Payroll is the biggest expense of an organisation, and attention to detail is essential. Employees also deserve to be paid accurately, and on time. So, if peace of mind and happy employees is a high priority for you. If your company doesn’t have the expertise or administrative resources to achieve accurate payroll runs, you should consider OUTSOURCING your payroll.


Let’s look at some other reasons to consider Paymaster to outsource your payroll:

Save time

With payroll taken care of, employers often have more time to focus on other initiatives important to growing their business, such as product development, customer service and sales

Minimize payroll errors

Payroll companies (such as Paymaster) automate most of the labour-intensive aspects of payroll, thereby reducing the mistakes that commonly result from manual calculations and data entry.

Improve security

Outsourcing payroll to a reputable provider that invests in state-of-the-art technology (with redundant backup and multiple server locations) can help employers safeguard their confidential data.

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Maintain compliance

Payroll providers stay informed regarding changing government regulations. This means employers don’t have to. Paymaster will take the lead in filing the paperwork necessary for compliance.

Integrate data

When payroll is fully integrated with time and attendance systems (see Timemaster), benefits and other HR applications, it improves data accuracy and makes it easier to access information through single sign-on.

Facilitate employee self-service

Paymaster Outsource services allows employees to view their pay information, log their hours and manage their deductions – all from a mobile device.

Reduce costs

Payroll providers charge fees, but when compared to the cost of the fines and penalties as a result of mistakes or non-compliance, outsourcing payroll should actually save businesses money. Paymaster offers various options from a fully outsourced service to self-help.

What are some features that Paymaster outsourcing offers?

Paymaster has the knowledge and technology necessary to produce accurate, timely results , and their service includes these key features:

  • Payroll processing that integrates with an accounting system, if needed


  • Payroll tax filing


  • Employee self-service anytime, anywhere, from any device


  • Integrated Time and Attendance offering (see Timemaster)
outsourcing payroll 2
  • IRP5 processing


  • Wage garnishee processing


  • Payroll reports


  • Employee recordkeeping


  • New hire reporting


  • Accessible client support

Signing up with a reputable payroll provider such as Paymaster can help smooth the transition, minimize disruptions for employees and preserve peace of mind. Before you do this, make sure to determine what your company’s requirements are, so that you get the best package for your needs.

Paymaster has a 23-year history of accurate, compliant payroll services. We use the latest software available and are constantly innovating to improve our offerings. Your company and employees deserve the best, so contact Paymaster today.

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