Integrated online HR services … consider the advantages for your business

If you had staff on Mars, our integrated online services could pay them (Paymaster), manage time and attendance (Timemaster) and train them (Skillmaster)*. And they need never come into the office because all information is stored in the Cloud and can be accessed by mobile phone. Our Integrated Payroll and HR systems maximizes efficiency and allows you to concentrate on the core business of growing your company.

Let’s consider the advantages of using an integrated system:

  • Simplified work system

The integrated HR and Payroll information is held in one system, stored in the Cloud, saving time and avoiding compromising the data (handling the info once only) and causing fewer delays.

  • Easier payroll processing

Avoid bottlenecks, no manual uploading of data since employees are marking their own time & attendance, applying for leave etc. This information is then available as reports to the HR department.

  • Better employee experience 

More convenient to use a centralized system where the HR software is integrated with the payroll software. Easy to check pay slips, tax deductions etc. from the self-service portal. Since they can update their personal information, it frees the HR department to focus on more pressing issues.

  • Improves compliance

The automated data transfer between the payroll and HR software systems minimizes payroll errors. And HR systems are consistently updated to include any new or updated labour legislation, so the payroll is sure to remain compliant. For audits, payroll records can be centralized and easily accessed ( even by mobile phones).

  • Increased security

The highly sensitive information contained by payroll and HR systems (salary information, tax numbers etc) is less likely to be breached in an integrated system.

  • Reduced costs

More efficient working hours and use of employee resources since the automated system lessens the repetition of information handling.

(*wifi necessary).

So are there any disadvantages to an integrated system….? Let’s see……none that we have found, but for excellent service, we will keep looking out for them.

If you are convinced of the advantages of signing up for our integrated Payroll and HR system and simplifying your Human Resource Management, then contact HRMASTER today.

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