Don’t Leave These 8 Soft Skills Off Your CV

When applying for a job, there are many ways to optimize your CV. You can research the employer’s priorities in terms of experience, and highlight what’s most important to them, for example. You can include any major achievements, like exceeding sales goals. And you can include a link to your LinkedIn profile.

A set of skills that career advisors say are also crucial to mention, are your soft skills. These include a variety of abilities, and might just be the feature that sets you apart, and lands you the job.

Here are those 8 soft skills:

Communication skills

Why the importance of communication?

This is partly as a result of the new remote and hybrid work arrangements that rely heavily on tech. 

It matters how you respond to someone who sent you an email, for example. You should formally respond to them within 24 hours.

The importance of communication is also as a result of various companies’ initiatives regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.

Time-management skills

When it comes to scheduling and time management, no matter what kind of role you have, if you can’t organize your time, you won’t be effective.

Finally, when it comes to flexibility, people really have to be able to turn left, or turn right at a moments notice, join a Zoom meeting, and be able to manage their own messages and emails coming in.

There’s an element of ease with multitasking and being able to switch what you’re doing at a moment’s notice that has increased since the pandemic and as many people continue to work between their home and the office.

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Written by Leslie Hurst