Welcome to SKILLMASTER – we offer a wide range of e-learning courses on our platform to help your employees excel in their professional journey.

Our platform features over 142 courses covering various topics, from business management to IT skills. By completing our e-learning courses on our platform, your employees can gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Certificate of Completion

All of our courses come with a certificate of completion, which can be used to showcase your employees’ competence to customers and partners. This certification validates their proficiency in specific areas, enhancing their credibility and opening doors to new opportunities.

Addressing Skills Gaps

 If you have employees lacking certain skills or struggling to excel in their current positions, our online short courses can provide the necessary insight. Our courses are designed to address skills gaps and align with industry demands in your sector. By completing these courses, your employees will acquire the essential skills to thrive in their roles and contribute to the success of your organisation.

Continuous Learning and Development

At Skillmaster, we understand the importance of continuous learning and development in today’s dynamic business landscape. That’s why we’ve partnered with SkillsGlobal, a trusted industry expert, to provide a wide range of training and upskilling solutions. We are committed to enhancing the capabilities of your employees and ensuring they stay ahead in their respective fields.

Courses can be accessed from anywhere

Our e-learning platform enables your staff members to log in and do their training online. All they need is an internet connection, and their learning can continue.

SDL Claims and Discretionary Grants

SKILLMASTER also offers assistance in claiming back your mandatory Skills Development Levy (SDL) contributions from the SETA. This process enables you to allocate more resources towards your employees’ training and development. Additionally, we can help South African companies obtain Discretionary Grants from the Services SETA. These grants can amount to up to R300,000 and may be utilised to fund skills development initiatives within your organisation.

Invest in your employees’ growth and equip them with the skills they need to thrive. Partner with SKILLMASTER for comprehensive e-learning solutions allowing your staff to continue their training online and leverage our expertise to maximise your employees’ potential.