Please check that all the information required by the receiver of revenue is correct and complete for all employees. So you will want to draw a report from your payroll system listing the following:

a)      Address of the employee

b)      Banking details of the employee

c)      Identity number or passport number

d)     Tax reference number

Reconcile all tax payments made to the receiver of revenue to the figures declared on the EMP201 form submitted to SARS. These must balance. If they do not balance you need to correct the issue as soon as possible, or make a note of why so that you can explain the differences on your annual submission. The best way to do this is to get the EMPSA from SARS. This shows the actual payments that they have recorded for the year. This can be compared with YTD totals from the payroll system. If they do not tie up then a correction can be made with the February EMP201. This means that the EMP501 reconciliation on Easyfile should not be a problem.

Check to make sure that SARS have received all your EMP201 submissions and that there are no outstanding issues that need to be dealt with. It is always a good idea to keep up to date with SARS documentation.

Keep up to date with SARS

Remind employees with company cars or car allowances to record their mileage from 1 March. Ensure company car details are accurately recorded in the payroll system.

Make sure that all the earnings and deductions are listed under the right Payroll Codes (a list is available on the SARS website). In addition, make sure you have all the information for any retirement annuities you have been processing.

It is a useful exercise to run a ‘test IRP5 upload’ as this can show any oddities like negative 3601 income and negative non-retirement funding income which can be corrected in the February payroll. This also throws up incomplete addresses, business telephone numbers, retrenchment payments without directive numbers etc. These all have to be correct before Easyfile will accept the upload file.

EMP501: For any assistance or queries

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