For many organizations, remote work has become a permanent fixture. In response to this, Timemaster offers a comprehensive solution for Time & Attendance management tailored to the specifics of remote work. Remote work brings many benefits, including flexibility and increased productivity. But effective management of remote teams requires innovative tools to adapt to the unique challenges this poses.

Tracking Time and Attendance of remote workers brings challenges such as accurate time tracking, compliance with various labour regulations, and ensuring accountability (while respecting employee autonomy). Timemaster addresses these challenges head-on, with innovative software solutions.

Mobile Accessibility

Timemaster recognizes the need for flexibility in remote work. Its mobile accessibility feature allows employees to clock in and out, submit timesheets, and access their attendance records effortlessly from their mobile devices.

Timemaster’s geofencing capabilities ensure that employees can only clock in when within a specified geographical boundary, adding an extra layer of accuracy and security to remote time-tracking.

Timemaster seamlessly integrates with Paymaster payroll software, creating a cohesive ecosystem that streamlines the payroll process. This ensures that accurate attendance data is integrated into the payroll system, reducing the risk of errors and saving time.

Timemaster’s automated leave management system simplifies the process of requesting, approving, and tracking leave. This feature enhances efficiency and accuracy in managing employee absences ( planned or unplanned).

Automated Leave Management

This is a cornerstone of effective time and attendance management. Timemaster provides customizable reports that provides organizations with the data they need to make informed decisions, monitor productivity, and stay compliant.

Security Measures

Timemaster prioritizes data security by employing robust measures to protect sensitive information. From encrypted data transmission to secure storage, we ensure that remote time and attendance data remains confidential and protected.

Timemaster offers a comprehensive solution for organizations dealing with the complexities of remote work. They offer advanced features like geofencing and mobile accessibility, and seamless integration with Paymaster’s payroll software. Timemaster allows businesses to embrace the benefits of remote work without compromising efficiency and accuracy in Time and Attendance management.

For businesses seeking a streamlined solution, Timemaster stands as the beacon of efficiency. Elevate your workforce management – contact us today to explore the transformative benefits of Timemaster. Call Glen Coburn at 083 679 1311 or email