Employees who work remotely may be required to sign an agreement confirming expectations regarding their schedule, timekeeping, remote work environment, data/information security and other matters specific to their position.

An example: “Remote employees must be available and engaged in work activities during the schedule agreed upon in their contract. If an employee wishes to adopt different working hours, they must provide written approval from their manager. Some companies might also want employees to inform colleagues if they leave their desks for any reason, even lunch. Just to keep their team updated.”


Contract details to consider for these employees:

1. Work arrangement

The work arrangement section covers the type of work to be done, workflows and collaboration processes, core work hours, mandatory meetings, metrics for measuring employee performance, and other important remote work arrangement details.

2. Compensation and benefits

The compensation and benefits section covers details about a remote employee’s pay and entitlements. How much is their monthly salary? Are there other employment benefits for remote employees? This section may also include subsections for overtime guidelines, taxes, and insurance.

3. Computer equipment and software

Most remote work agreements will have a section covering computer equipment, software programs, communication, collaboration, project management, and other relevant tools and applications for secure and efficient remote work with the employer or organization. Does the employee use the company device or a personal device while working remotely? How can they access their work email remotely? Are remote employees allowed to seek technical support? Insurance cover for company equipment must also be discussed.

4. Telephone and internet connectivity


Protect your business and your employees and make sure you draw up a relevant, detailed contract to cover both sides’ needs. And also consider adding to the contract that these operational requirements and hours can change as the company’s needs change. There must be an option to call everyone back to the office if necessary.

By Leslie Hurst

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