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2 May 2023


Show appreciation to employees with reward vouchers

Everyone enjoys being shown appreciation for hard work and dedication. Let’s look at some reasons why it’s worth considering rewarding your employees with vouchers:

Increase motivation and engagement

Article - avoiding SARS-induced frustrations

  • material rewards boost engagement, energy and motivation in the workplace
  • higher staff morale motivates everyone to strive to perform at high levels of productivity
  • increased engagement could increase job satisfaction, which impacts productivity

Improve mental health

  • stress and anxiety are decreased when employees are shown appreciation
  • since stress affects productivity, job performance and overall wellbeing, a reward system can help create a positive work environment and enhance mental health
  • rewards and appreciation show you care and are invested in your employees

Sense of appreciation

  • a gift voucher as recognition of hard work fosters a sense of appreciation
  • this will especially encourage employees who feel undervalued at work
  • appreciation can raise self-esteem which contributes to a productive work environment

Increase loyalty

  • recognising and rewarding hard work can increase loyalty and commitment to your company
  • retaining and attracting skilled staff should result when hard work is rewarded
  • when employees stay on longer, a stable and more productive workplace is created
  • this also encourages teamwork and collaboration

Boost productivity

  • when goals are met or exceeded, vouchers can be an excellent reward
  • this motivates everyone to strive harder to reach their targets
  • the whole company benefits when productivity increases

Enhance your company image

  • appreciated, happy employees speak positively about the company-
  • this is great word-of-mouth advertising
  • which can grow your customer base and attract skilled staff

Personal and cost-effective

  • a voucher is a thoughtful gift, better than an impersonal cash reward
  • it offers choices to the recipient – a flexible way to show appreciation, and not waste money on unwanted gifts

Voucher card

Tips for employee reward vouchers:

  • personalize the voucher if possible
  • reward consistently and regularly
  • celebrate small wins – not only major goals – this creates a culture of positivity and appreciation
  • be sincere – avoid generic messages – show genuine gratitude.

Paymaster’s partner, YoyoGift, offers a perfect opportunity to reward your hardworking employees in a thoughtful, personal manner.

Paymaster provides you with an online digital gifting platform. Send your gifts in under 3 minutes. Contact Glen 083 679 1311 or for more info on this voucher reward system.

– Provided by Ian Hurst –


Annual Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501) submission period 2022/2023

We want to remind you that the Annual EMP501 Reconciliation Submission period will run from 1 April 2023 to 31 May 2023.

Worried about your tax-year end submissions? Subscribe to Paymaster’s submission support service. For a small fee we will make sure you submit accurately and on time.
Contact Ian on 082 898 5006 or for more info or a quote.

In preparation for your submission:

  • Check your payments and reconciliations processed at the end of each month.
  • Post correction runs if any adjustments are needed to correct your employee financials.
  • Navigate to Payroll Cycle > Payslip Pay Dates
  • Check your Company demographic information and Employee personal information on the system.

Worried about your tax year-end submissions?

Let Paymaster assist you.

For a small fee we will make sure you submit accurately and on time. Contact Ian on 082 898 5006 or for more info or a quote.

To make sure you have not overlooked anything – here is a DIY EMP501 video guide.

EMP501 Video guide

Helpdesk Tips

How to set Sick Leave applications in days and hours

Employees can submit leave applications by accessing the Application screen under the Leave section in the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal. To do so, they simply need to select the type of leave they require and provide the necessary information. In some instances companies want leave types to be processed in days and in hours. This can be done by simply activating a company setting.

Note: An employee has to be registered for Employee Self Service (ESS) in order to apply for leave. The ESS module is only available on the Premier and Master Payroll editions

Click below for directions on how to set Sick Leave applications in days and hours


How to set Sick Leave applications in days and hours

Please call our Helpdesk for your queries –
021 712 7333 or
WhatsApp us – 081 711 1276

How to correct EasyFile import error: Employer SIC7 code mandatory

This error is expected when you import a file into an existing employer record on e@syFile, where the SIC7 code has not been specified. The valid Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes must be used for Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) purposes. The latest SIC Coding system can be found on Statistic SA website. SARS Interpretation according to Business Requirement Specification. 2082 – The Employer Standard Industry Classification Code.
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC Coder v7, as defined on the Statistic SA Website:

  • Conditional
  • Mandatory if Period of recon is 201402 or later
  • Use the 5-digit sub-class
  • Only numeric values are allowed.

Click on below instructions on how to correct easyFile error: Employer SIC7 code mandatory.


How to correct easyFile import error: Employer SIC7 code mandatory

Staff Bio

Meet Kelly Harry

We are pleased to introduce Paymaster’s newest employee, Kelly Harry. Kelly was born in Steenberg, Cape Town and matriculated from Steenberg High School. She would like to further her education – either in teaching or HR management. Kelly is a young mother, in a committed relationship of 5 years. She has a 10 year old son and 2 year old daughter who mean everything to her. She says if stuck on a desert island, she would hope not to have her children with her, but only God by her side.

Kelly’s working career started in the retail industry where she worked her way up to assistant manager. She went on to gain experience in the business sector, where she worked as a debt collection agent, using Freshbooks accounting software in the creditor’s department. Later, she was a campaigns coordinator, doing lead generation for a call center. Now she is very happy working for Paymaster, doing payroll for the first time in her career. There is not a day that goes by where she doesn’t learn something new, which excites her, as she has a different routine every week. She is enjoying the challenge of being trained to do the invoicing as well. Kelly loves challenges and will always try her best to execute and finish them. She is flourishing at this new job, feeling all the new tasks she has been given over the last 3 months have ignited her passion.

In asking her what advice she can give to someone who has just started a career in payroll, her advice is “to be kind to clients but also assertive and follow the protocols and be firm in implementing them. One must also pay attention to details, be accurate and make sure you understand what you doing.” The Paymaster team is excited to welcome the passionate, bright Kelly Harry.

New Product Features

New enhancements

Report Writer

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation – the all-new Report Writer Module! This cutting-edge module is designed to simplify and streamline the reporting process, making generating accurate and insightful reports easier and faster than ever.

Some important points to take note of:

  • New embedded Custom reporting writing tool – DevExpress
  • Only available on Paymaster Master edition
  • No additional licencing required
  • There is a New tab available called Customs – All reports are located within this folder

  • Security applied on access to reports and to create reports
  • Custom field data available to be used.

On the security role permissions, two new options are available for “Report Designer” and
“Custom Reports Tab”.

The “Report Designer” option will control whether the user can customise reports. This
includes the adding of a new report.

As there is no additional module to purchase, users can start using the module without having to activate the module first, provided they are on the Master edition.
On the Reports screen, a new tab will show on Master edition companies only, namely “Custom”.
This tab will have a button to add a new report.
*Security permissions apply.

Q & A

Can a user copy reports from the Report Writer between companies?

When a report is created you have the option to create a report for the Company Group. If this option is selected the report will be available for all companies within the group. Similarly, a Business Partner can add reports for all customers within the Business Partner’s profile.

Custom Report Writer

Custom Report Writer

Report Designer

Report Designer

Click to enlarge

Any issues can be directed to


Our partnership with Biosyn and YoyoGifts is another way that Paymaster endeavors to deliver greater value to our clients.

Building Trust between Employer and Employee

Working from home?  The question is, Who is working and who is not?

We give you the power of mobile clocking-in on various sites without T&A scanners.

Ranging from on-site workers to regional managers, employees now have the ability to clock in and out from their mobile phones when within a radius provided by you. The data is seamlessly imported into a dashboard.
These systems do more than just track when employees come and go. They can, monitor mobile employees via geolocation and geofencing.

The use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.

The big plus is having real-time data on who is working and who is not, who showed up late, and who is nearing overtime.

This does stop MIA.

If you are interested in learning more about Paymaster Time and Attendance system, be sure to visit our website for more information. There you can find detailed articles, product reviews etc to help you make an informed decision about your time and attendance system. For more information on




simply click here.

Discover the benefits of Paymaster Time and Attendance!

Free consultation

or contact Glen Coburn at, or call +27 836791311.



Paymaster Gift Vouchers

Did you know that 80% of consumers say that receiving a digital gift voucher makes them feel appreciated?

Show your employees and customers how much you value them with Paymaster’s digital gift vouchers.

Plus, did you know that retaining just 5% of your customers can lead to a

25-95% increase in profits?

With Paymaster’s loyalty platform, you can easily incentivize and reward loyalty, boosting engagement and satisfaction.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reward and retain your loyal customers.

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To learn more about Paymaster’s gift voucher options for your employees or customers, please contact Ian Hurst at, or +27828985006. Appointment with Ian

Paymaster Updates

Welcome to the payroll news updates! Here, you will find the latest updates and information on all things payroll. We’ve got you covered from employee payroll and payroll tax to payroll management and payroll software.

You’ll find the weekly and Africa updates and resources to help you stay informed and on top of your payroll responsibilities and legislative changes you should know.

Weekly updates


  • Standard payslip | ID number masked on non-confidential header
  • South Africa | Tax Certificate Enhancements
  • South Africa | Non-Financial Report – Tax Year End Process
  • Uganda | New PAYE Monthly Return Schedule 4 Report
  • Ghana | No supression of negative IRS

Africa updates


  • South Africa – Annual Tax Submission
  • South Africa – Interest Rate Change
  • South Africa – New_Corrected OID Earnings Threshold
  • Zimbabwe – NSSA Ceiling Increase
  • Zanzibar – ZSSF Employer Contribution Increase
  • Ghana – Tax changes 2023

Paymaster Announcement

Welcome to our “Free Payroll Knowledge” webinar series! We understand that payroll can be a complex and challenging task for small businesses, which is why we want to help. We’re excited to announce that our webinars will take place twice a month, on a  Wednesday at 10:00-10:30. The series will be an open discussion format,

you ask any payroll question, we have the answer.

We will be announcing the details of each webinar on our social media channels, so be sure to follow us to stay updated. You can join the webinar using the link we will provide.




  • Wednesday
  • 26 April
  • 10:00


Schedule the next webinar

Register here

  • Wednesday
  • 10 May
  • 10:00

Who is this webinar for?

For payroll professionals increasing their skill base, or those new to this function. Or maybe you’re exploring Paymaster as a payroll option….this Webinar is aimed at all of you.

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