Payroll trends for 2023

Strategies to retain staff

The skills shortage has thrown out the rule book when it comes to appointing and maintaining staff today. Here are 5 useful strategies to help you understand and navigate the new normal.

1. Pay me when it suits me

I want to choose which day of the month suits me to be paid. One month it might be by the 10th, next month in the last week of the month.

2. Let me enroll in the online courses of my choice

Provide me with access to online training and courses that allow me to hone and increase the knowledge and skills I need to progress, even if that might not be in your company.

3. Wellbeing is a big deal

Since my mental, financial and physical wellbeing is very important to me, please have programs in place to support me to achieve and maintain this.

4. Working remotely is here to stay

I will not work for you if you expect me to be in the office everyday. I want the option to work from home, when it suits me, as long as I deliver on my responsibilities.

5. Rewarding your employees in a creative way, is the new caring

I am accustomed to being told how well I do my job, and how skilled I am. While I like this, I expect some small rewards along the way to keep me motivated.

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