We would like to say “Well done!” – you have often had to sacrifice much, missing out on time with friends and family, to deal with problems not of your own making.
So stand tall and proud and hear from us again “Well done!”
We are committed Payroll Professionals, and always have our client’s best interests at heart.
We stare down and deal with their challenges and problems that come in all shapes and sizes.

Problems come in all shapes and sizes

Some problems creep up on you in the middle of the month: this allows you to lean back in your chair and reflect on the problem. You have time to formulate an ideal solution, based on extensive consultation with all the stakeholders. I love these problems, but sadly, they are exceptionally rare – only coming around about once a year ( a bit like Santa).

UsWe have a problemually, the problems that I deal with are the “Urgent! Have to be solved now!” issues. For example, when a line manager is standing right before you, explaining that he/she forgot to submit the additional hours worked, and as a result, the entire workforce is gathering outside threatening to ‘down tools’ if the company doesn’t remedy the situation – immediately! To compound the problem in this example, it also happens to have been brought to your attention just before closing time on a Friday afternoon!
Disaster. Or Opportunity!


Now is the time to ‘step-up’ and reveal your work ethic and integrity, by efficiently solving the problem. As Payroll Professionals, there are numerous opportunities to build your reputation by gaining the trust of the employees/clients. Find solution As a Payroll Professional, we often perform these mini-miracles. With a calm and steady approach, we confidently take charge of the situation and deliver the perfect solution. This inevitably puts a beaming smile on the faces of our clients. So hear again, “Well done!” Feel good about this!
However, these situations can also lead to actions that damage or destroy relationships. If the Payroll Professional presents solutions that are impractical, or have potentially appalling consequences which may only materialise down the line (say in 6 months’ time), then relationships are certain to be ruined, or at least very strained.

Deliberate over the best, most suitable solution

To prevent this, take time to ponder over the most appropriate solution, and to carefully deliberate over the various options.Ponder a solution Then, when you decide which is the optimal solution to this particular challenge, you ensure that the advice you give, is first-rate, the most fitting you can offer your clients. This is the Payroll Professional displaying their Problem-Solving super power at its best.

NOTE:  Always be legal. Always comply with company policy. Thereafter, within the constraints of these two parameters, you are most welcome to be creative in your problem-solving approach.

Coming next… Hat 9: The Payroll Professional as the moral compass