Problem: are you responding to countless payroll-related enquiries?

Often, it seems as if all of our time is consumed by responding to staff and colleagues’ countless payroll-related questions.

This type of time-wasting is an easy trap to fall into. In fact, ‘lost time’ is the default result of ineffective workplace systems and processes.

Do you often wonder how you might be able to recover some of your ‘lost time’?

When providing payroll-related answers to enquiries made by staff and colleagues, the act of doing so is, more often than not, rather easily dealt with. The trade-off however, is that this act does require you to momentarily cease a task that you’re busy, in order to divert your attention for a while.

Sometimes you may have a quick answer for the person making the enquiry. More likely however, you may well find yourself spending a good few minutes preparing an answer for the person whom you’re attending to.

Therefore, in the final analysis the point being made is this: when several of these ‘interruptions’ take place quite frequently— throughout the course of an average workday—a considerable amount of time is lost.

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Solution: automated payroll self-help enquiry service for employees

A recent informal survey conducted by Paymaster Payroll revealed that there is an inordinate repetition of payroll-related questions being (repeatedly) asked of management and supervisors within organisations that do not have the benefit of an automated payroll self-help enquiry service.

Findings from the Paymaster Payroll survey revealed some interesting truths. You may be surprised to discover that the most frequently asked questions were:

Top 5 payroll-related ‘time wasting’ questions

  1. Employee: “Please may I get a copy of last month’s payslip, because I seem to have misplaced my original copy.”
  2. Colleague: “I urgently need the home address and mobile contact phone number of [Sally/Joe] who works in my department…”
  3. Colleague: “How much cumulative overtime did my department work for last month?”
  4. Colleague: “May I have a list of my employees’ salaries, their net pay and their official job titles.”
  5. Employee: “How much total leave (sick and annual) do I still have for the current leave cycle?”

On average, recoverable ‘lost time’ will add up to (about) 3 hours

Many organisations have made the switch to the use of an automated payroll self-help enquiry service. Consequently, after having made the switch, management and supervisors have recovered about 3 hours1 (per week) of lost time.

Does this come as a surprise to you? If so, it ought to be good news too, because it means that you may well end up recovering more of your own lost time too.

Accordingly, you are certain to find more available time for yourself too: more time to refine your productivity levels, more time to spend on planning and operational matters, and more time to do just just about anything you like.

What a pleasure!

Would you like to know more? You are invited to contact Ian, who will be happy to reply to additional questions that you might have.

1 This claim is based upon Paymaster’s set of estimated variables that we used during the calculation and testing process of the productivity survey.