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  1. I believe a minimum wage is essential to curb exploitation of workers and decrease wage disputes.
  1. Not all businesses can afford to pay, even if they wanted to. I for one haven’t earned the proposed new wage, leave alone the present one, and its not for lack of trying….
  1. Many many workers earn more than the proposed minimum wage
  1. If you cannot pay a man his worth you cannot own a business. Would you open a business and not be able to buy stock and think it ok.
  1. Will possibly increase level of unemployment as small business cannot afford to pay high salaries , production will have to increase
  1. As an employer I will reduce staff numbers when I get the chance. Profits are low enough already
  1. Many smaller businesses who are trying to create employment will end up closing. The workforce will keep striking – its habitual now, a minimum wage is not going to stop the demands
  1. If there is no minimum wage unskilled people will be more likely to get a job and skilled people will be payed more.
  1. that’s the least they can do for fellow workers who put their efforts just to sweat for their bosses good
  1. It’s a good idea, but not sure how it will affect small businesses