inspiredIt is the e mail from the Department of Labour or the call from the Receiver of Revenue that gets the heart racing. What are they looking for and where can I find it.  Not now you scream silently, I don’t have time to deal with this!

They may be looking for backdated copies of your tax submissions or copies of payslips. They may want insight into your Unemployment Fund submissions.

In the majority of small businesses, the keeping of accurate records can be a challenge. Payroll that was run on excel was overwritten or not backed up. When you bought your new computer, the folder was not transferred across and now all that data is gone. When Sue left the company (she was responsible for human resources), she took all the passwords with her. Sue knew how to access the payroll and get reports, but now she is gone. Sue made payroll look so easy. You can’t find anything.

4  great reasons to talk to a payroll outsourcing organisation.

  1. We keep everything where we can find it. all our documents are stored electronically and our records are all backed up.  Payroll outsourcing means that you outsource your payroll record keeping to the professionals. So when the auditor comes around, you have the answers.
  2. Keep your Focus.  Focus on the one thing that mean success for your business today. That could be sorting out your production challenges, focusing on your marketing or spending time with your No. 1 client.  Keeping employees productive and focused is a full time job, and payroll accuracy and completeness on those parts of your business that create revenue. Without the revenue, keeping your business going may prove difficult.
  3. Reduce your payroll costs. Most outsourcing companies charge per employee processed. You are then paying only for the employees who are active and for the time it takes to process the payroll. You are avoiding the downtime that comes from employing a single administrator who is not kept productive but is being paid a monthly salary. Our people process payroll. We are fast, accurate and understand the process. Our payroll administrators process over 1000 payslips a month and have mastered the art of data importing, data input and accurate checking.
  4. We are up to date. There is a great danger of a part time payroll administrator not being up to date with the latest payroll legislation (bargaining council agreements for example) and as a result, you may be eligible for fines and penalties. We are in the loop. We keep our eye on what the Receiver of Revenue and Department of Labour is doing.  We get feedback from our own sources and to make sure we are up to date. That means your payroll will be up to date.

Turnover and controlling cost must be the focus of the business. Making sure you spend your time growing your business seems, to me, to be a wise decision. Let Paymaster support you by delivering your payroll to you every month, accurate, and on time. We employ 10 payroll administrators, so there will always be a human operator available to help, to answer your questions and to make sure you get what you need.