Payroll software makes for happier holidays

It may only be June, and the festive season may seem a long time away but it is well worth considering how important your payroll system is to you and how much better your holiday will be and can be with the right Payroll solution. Paymaster will make your holiday that bit happier… here is why….

If you are using the right software for your payroll and human resources, you may be preparing for a stress-free December holiday knowing that your business is under control wherever you are.
And if it doesn’t, here are five reasons you need to select a software partner that could make it easier for you to enjoy a productive yet restful festive season, says Madelein van der Watt, development manager at Sage Pastel Payroll & HR.

Take the pain out of managing leave applications

Over December, many of your employees will want to take leave. Keeping track of who’s available and who is not can be a chore once you have more than a handful of employees. Why not use employee self-service (ESS) to let them apply for leave online from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device? It makes life easier for them and for you. You’ll be able to sign off leave forms online and have electronic records at your fingertips. That will make it easier to plan who will man the phones and respond to urgent customer requests over the holidays.

Simplify leave pay

With the end of the year in sight, companies need to do the complex calculations necessary to determine their employees’ correct leave pay. Doing the sums manually or on spreadsheets is a time-consuming exercise, and getting them wrong could mean breaching the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA). These days, any business can afford to roll out a modern payroll and HR solution that automates this task.

No more interrupting questions about available leave

Your payroll software should make your employees more self-sufficient. ESS systems should give them access to information, such as how much leave they have due, without asking the HR department. The payroll software automatically calculates accruals and reduces it with days taken to show an accurate balance to an employee. Managers will also see the current leave balance when employees apply for leave, making it easier and quicker to decide whether to approve the application or not. Employees and managers can plan December holidays better, knowing at all times exactly how much leave is available.

Automate wherever possible

In this world of instant-gratification, your software solution should help you to be more efficient and save time. The right software will allow you to execute multiple transactions, such as processing a production bonus or commission by only using one screen. Over shutdown periods, putting your entire workforce on leave should be quick and easy using global update features.

Get the help you need

Your software provider should be there to support you whenever you need it. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. Attending training or workshops yourself or even having a back-up admin person trained and ready to help will certainly alleviate the stress of processing leave and bonuses. Another good option is to get expert on-site assistance from a consultant. That peace of mind is one of the best presents you can give yourself this festive season.