The signs is it time for Payroll Outsourcing

Naturally, your business is about making money, but you know better than anyone that making money is hard work: it takes time and dedication. Regardless of which industry you’re in, you’re going to be generating and sending out invoices, collecting and tracking payments, transferring money, balancing your accounts, paying employees, and remitting payments to the government. It’s all part of being in business, after all. All of the bookkeeping, payroll processing, and tax filings that come with being in business can become incredibly time consuming, especially as your business starts to grow.

Your Options

As a business owner, you can start to feel like these processes are taking up all of your time, which leaves you with very little time to spend on your other business activities—the ones that actually make you money.

If this is how you’re feeling in the situation, you have three options: You can keep doing it yourself, you can hire an in-house payroll administrator, or you can outsource the responsibility to a payroll service provider such as paymaster. If you keep doing it yourself, you’ll find yourself with less and less time to work on your other responsibilities. If you hire in-house, you will still spend a lot of time training your new employee and fielding payroll-related questions. Outsourced payroll on the other hand can leave you free to do your work without having to worry about a hefty expense, accuracy, timeliness, or compliance.

Knowledge and Experience

Payroll service providers have specialized teams of qualified professionals on staff who know everything there is to know about tax legislature, government regulations and deadlines, and the subtle nuances of payroll management. Their extensive knowledge and experience makes them more efficient and accurate in their payroll processing than you or your employees could ever be. Take advantage of this expertise by using outsourced payroll. These experts don’t have to spend all their time looking up relevant tax laws or regulations. They know their stuff, so they can manage your payroll quickly and effectively. And since you only pay them for the work they do, this also saves you money in the long run.


When you use outsourced payroll you get to save time thanks to a payroll service provider’s autonomy. You don’t have to spend extensive hours collaborating with them to make sense of the work to be managed, no matter how complex it is. With an in-house payroll clerk, you’ll still be involved more than you’d like to be, which doesn’t save you much time. But a payroll service provider will only need you to provide the relevant payroll numbers once every pay period and the experts will handle the rest.

Think of What You Could Do with More Time

Most business owners’ top complaint is that there aren’t enough hours in a day. But when you use outsourced payroll, you suddenly get more time every day to spend on working with new products, services, marketing ideas, customers, or expansion efforts. You’ll even get more time to spend with your friends and family. You can focus your efforts where they matter instead of being stuck under piles of payroll paperwork.

Make the Switch

To get the most out of your payroll service provider, find one that works for your unique business needs, compare prices and services, and calculate just how much time you’ll save by switching to outsourcing. Once you see how cost-effective outsourcing can be and realize how much time you’ll save from putting the responsibility on someone else’s shoulders, we’re sure you’ll make the switch.



Ray Gonder