Paymaster, as you can see, has a brand new website and this opens up an exciting new chapter in our story. The new Paymaster website incorporates the old Paymaster and Paymaster Forum websites into one entity giving us scope to provide you with more.
Over the next few weeks this Blog will become a useful and valuable tool for those of you working in the payroll or HR industry in South Africa or for those of you with merely an interest. A Variety of topics will be covered with guest writers contributing; these articles will flow over into the Forums to become a very valuable resource.

The new Paymaster website creates a platform that positions Paymaster as an expert in the HR and Payroll industry and over the coming weeks a number of new concepts will be launched that are intended to be both informative and helpful. One of the new concepts will be the monthly webinars; a series of online presentations, discussions and even training sessions that will cover a variety of HR and Payroll matters as well as delve into the operations of the Paymaster system itself. In planning for these, input from our customers, prospects and those working in the HR and Payroll sector will extremely valuable and you are invited to send us your ideas on topics and matters you feel we should or could cover in these webinars – visit the contact us page on and send us your ideas.

Another feature of the website will be video tutorials, those useful “How to” videos that explain a little more about the Paymaster system for those using it, these videos will be exceptionally helpful in introducing new users to the system to complement their training. Watch this space.

An essential part of the new Paymaster image is the social media aspect of Paymaster. Our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages are all being revamped and given a face lift. Our social media platforms will be the first place you will be notified of what is happening and we ask that you follow Paymaster and interact.

Paymaster has long been a trusted HR and Payroll Solution provider and we hope you like our new website, please provide us with feedback an d don’t forget to like us and follow us on social media.