Cape Town. Paymaster has announced  a brand new employee claims module that will automate the employee claims procedure.

Employees can submit various expense claims for re-imbursement relating to, amongst others, travel, cellular calls, entertainment or even capture details relating to overtime worked. Specific detail can be recorded for each claim such as date, client, km’s travelled and rate per km for re-imbursive travel.

Depending on the role of an employee, workflow rules can be configured to move through a different number of approval steps i.e. a team manager may require an expense claim to move through 3 approval steps whereas a general manager may only require claims to be approved by 2 people. Employees are also able to attach documentation relating to the claim.

The capturing of expense claims by the payroll department is usually a tedious task that involves sifting through huge amounts of paperwork, spreadsheets and emails which poses a huge security risk in terms of unsecure data flying around the company. Furthermore, the information usually needs to be manually consolidated and imported via a batch facility to reflect on an employee’s payslip.

Karen Morrison, managing Partner says that “the most exciting thing about the new claim system is that we can customise what is part of the claim and then customise what needs an attachment and what does not.”

At a click of a button the monthly claim is summarised on one report. Once the claim has been approved by the immediate line manager it is work flowed into the payroll.

This product is available immediately and a demo can be arranged by clicking the link Free demo