Cloud Analytics – you have not seen anything like it! Watch the video here.

Reports are critical to making sure that we in the payroll department can feed management with the information that makes sense. You know, as I do, that a lot of time is spent on creating reports for management. They need this information to make decisions regarding the employees of the company. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find information for management or having to spend hours capturing data when the information should be available in the payroll.

So can your payroll…

.      Export to excel, Microsoft word or ascii file?

2.      Can you choose the time period for the report (total salary in January 2013)?

3.      Can your managers access their reports anytime anywhere?

4.      Can you print by department or region?

5.      Can you roll up all different payrolls into one report (wages, fortnightly, monthly)?

6.      Can you roll up different legal companies into one report?

7.      Can you schedule the payroll to e mail the report to you every month?

8.      Is every report customisable with a tick of a box?

9.      Does your payroll print all the legislative reports ( UI19, Statistics SA report, COIDSA report, employment equity reports)

10.   And then does your payroll have cloud analytics?