This year it will be different. This year I will not make resolutions with a definitive end goal in mind that has a measurable result and a defined due date. This year I am going to focus on 5 processes, when improved significantly, will bring the results I desire. Here are the five resolutions for payroll this year.

  1. We will automate where we can Every manual process will be examined carefully and looked at to see if we can automate the process. Let’s see if we can eliminate punching in any data this year and look to import everything we can. Can we involve our line managers to give us data in a format that we can import? How much can we do through employee self serviceeg. petrol claims, commission, leave.
  2. We will be the gatekeepers of company policy and the laws of the land We will be the stronghold. This year we will stand firm and make sure that the company policy is adhered to. I will meet with those line managers that keep on pushing the boundaries and try to come to an understanding.
  3. We will reduce paper I am tired of wasting my time on filing and tired of wasting my time on trying to find items that were misfiled. I will actively look to scan and e file as much as I can. I want to eliminate paper from my world.
  4. We will balance everything we can I love completeness, neatness, a sense of finished. It is balanced. What went in came out and all accounted for. So this year I will look for areas that can balance, areas that we can tick and say yes that’s right. Examples include overtime hours, leave days, and commissions.
  5. Relationships, relationships, relationships. I will build relationships with all my clients, being proactive by advising them of any changes and making sure that the payroll department is seen as adding value.

If I work on these five areas I have no doubt that the payroll department will be a respected member of the team, adding value to the company.