Yes we do know everything. We know all about what is happening in the company (overtime, leave, retrenchments) as well as in employees lives (garnishees, it88a, marriage, births) and of course everything there is to know about company policy.

5 areas of information we need to excel at.

1. Analysis of company payroll information
we can of course process information and in my first newsletter we spoke of the efficient payroll department. BUT we need to be able to go further. We need to be able to present management with an analysis of the payroll that:
highlights possible problem areas,
that tells of areas of concern,
that shows over and under spending

Check out the analytics module of the paymaster on line payroll system
2. Analysis of trends in the workplace
Not only must we highlight the monthly issues, but we have to look at the trends and propose solutions that will resolve the problems. Example a steady increase in overtime may be pointing to a need to recruit.
3. Knowledge of laws that impact the workforce
We are the go- to people when management want to know about:
fringe benefit taxes
basic conditions of employment act
tax filing procedures
retrenchment calculations

So we need to make sure we know and understand the laws so we can advise management accordingly.
4. Understanding of company policy
That policy and procedure manual should be your life. Nothing in the payroll department should happen outside of that. Payroll departments should not bend policy, that is management’s job. We should be strictly enforcing the policy.
5. Understanding of the employees
We are always the first to know when there are individual challenges that employees face. WE have access to so much personal information. we are in a position to intervene early and often, because of what we know, we can avert the disaster.