These are the magic words to achieve payroll immortality. We need to look at every system, at every input and do what we can to avoid data capture. We need to automate leave applications, overtime hours, expense claims, and new employee take ons. What about employees collecting their own payslips or managers collecting their own reports. Payroll systems should be able to do all this.
5 good reason to automate everything we can.
1) It saves us time.
This is obvious. If we can import new employee details or import hours worked then the time it takes to punch these detail and check these details. You know that time is precious. Don’t waste it doing manual work

2) It reduces errors
Every time we have to punch (enter manually) something, the chance of human error gets greater. Spelling mistakes and wrong overtime hours cause our customers to become grumpy. It also means we have to go back and fix the issue. Taking up more of our precious time.

3) It creates a sense of order
Order in a payroll department is crucial. Automation creates that sense that things are being done, things are happening and I am in control. What is being put into the payroll makes sense because it is regular, every month data, imported from a known source in a known way, creating the result we get every time we do this import. Just the way we like it.

4) It creates a great deal of trust
When there is order and when the payroll reflects the input given by line or by the time and attendance figures or the leave system, then we start to build up an element of trust in the system and the procedures we are using. Every time it comes out right and the payroll balances the reputation of the payroll department is enhanced.

5) It creates accountability
The accountability for the accurate payroll is now a shared responsibility. Management for providing accurate data and for using the systems to create accurate data to use for payroll and payroll for processing that data and producing a 100 % error free payroll. The roles and accountability area are clearly defined.
Next week. Our role as tax guardians.