I know that as professional people we all work really hard to make sure that our reputations and credibility remain strong. We will go to great lengths to help our customers and go beyond what is expected to make sure that we deliver.

I have seen so many people work really hard to create and uphold their reputation only to destroy it all by committing one of these basic errors.

Not on the list, but the biggest one of all, making a mistake and blaming someone else

1)      A little foolishness goes a long way

The best reputation in the world is often crashed by one or two small foolish decisions or behaviors. It is not all right to be foolish and to behave in a way that has people whispering behind your back.

2)      Poor decisions Lead us in the wrong direction

The majority of foolish decisions are made without taking the vision, values or the objectives of the department/company into account. When we understand these then we are in a much better place to make sound decisions

3)      Poor decisions are exposed by the consequences

Take time to test the consequence of your decision.  Sometimes 5 minutes of “what is going to happen” planning can save years of heartache

4)      A poor reputation is created by incompetence

If you don’t know, say so.  If you delegate don’t give it to someone because they have the time and lastly don’t ever let an incompetent (read untrained) employee loose on a project or task. They will in all likelihood destroy your reputation

5)      Foolish leaders  will cause disaster

Sooner or later, if you appoint someone who makes a poor decision, you will get egg on your face and all down the front.

6)      Lack of preparation

Take time to plan and time to prepare. It will be the most valuable time spent – ever. Fools rush in where wise men tread carefully

7)      Lack of preparation leads to accidents

Accidents lead to consequences that often destroy our credibility. We could so easily have prevented that if only we had spent 5 minutes thinking about it

8)      Taking short cuts

The fastest way to do something foolish and destroy your hard work is to take a shortcut. Use software to make your life easier. A manual solution may be (I stress may be) cheaper, but so often results in shortcuts being taken. A software solution will eliminate this

9)      All talk no action

Keep your promises. Walk the talk and you will keep your reputation, fail to do so and nobody will see you as credible

10)   Don’t send a child to do a grownups job

If it is a big job send a big person. If you are required to be there, then be there. Don’t destroy all you have worked for by sending in children to do grownups work