Paymaster has been processing payrolls since 1999 and currently processes over 165 payrolls, prints in excess of 8500 payslips per month and employs 8 payroll administrators.


Here are ten reasons why I believe that Paymaster can offer you a service that will exceed your expectations


1)      Can they offer online help and back up

When your payroll administrator goes off sick or needs a holiday can they run your payroll for you? At Paymaster we administer over 170 payrolls and because the Payroll is on line we can help you. All you have to do is ask.

2)      If there is a problem with the receiver will they approach the receiver on your behalf

When The Receiver asks for information or can’t find the return will they contact the receiver on your behalf and solve the problem. At Paymaster we are the registered address for most of our clients and we reconcile and pay over the deductions every month. Therefore if there any queries they come to us and we resolve them.

3)      Can they give” what if” scenarios.

If you log on  while the candidate /employee is sitting in front of you will they be able to calculate net pay and produce a pro forma payslip . This is just part of the service at Paymaster. You log on and we will give you the net or the gross pay and you can print a pro forma payslip.

4)      Will they change the way they do business to suite you

When you ask the big companies to process your payroll you normally have to change the way you do business. They are not known for their flexibility. Paymaster adapts to your way of doing business. One example – Are your employees computer literate and do they have access to the internet, then they can collect their payslips off the website,  If your employees prefer, we will print the payslips and deliver.

5)      Will they give you 24/7 service and help

When you urgently need an answer or need help because of circumstances beyond your control, Will the employees be loyal enough to go the extra mile. At Paymaster the owners also administer payrolls so we go the extra mile. We will put your employees first.

6)      How committed is their management (egg or ham) _management or ownership

Everybody knows the story of the hen discussing breakfast with the pig. The hen suggests ham and eggs. The pig replies that the commitment from the pig is far greater than from the hen.  Is there a manger of the business or do the owners have to earn their living from keeping the customers satisfied? Paymaster is owned by Ian Hurst and Karen Morrison. There are no managers.

7)      Individual relationship or call centre approach

At Paymaster you will be introduced to your Payroll Administrator and we will do everything we can to make sure that we do not change administrators unnecessarily. Your Administrator will get to know your payroll intimately. That means no explaining every time you want something done.

8)      Secure off site data storage

All Data is backed up off site in a secure data storage area. We will not loose your information or let anybody who is not Authorised have access to it. All payrolls are password protected.

9)      Expertise of the payroll administrator.

No high staff turnover and putting people in Positions who are not trained. We have no targets to meet and therefore we employ only people who have the skills to accurately administer your payroll.

10)  Flexibility

We will do anything within the law to help you be as efficient at running your business as we are at making sure your payroll is correctly administered. Our Administrators share in the profit and are therefore really concerned about giving you the “You don’t need to worry about this – Paymaster will solve the problem” kind of service.

We will exceed your expectations or your money back